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Inspiration is all around us. Design insight can be found everywhere; from a mossy pattern on the bark of a tree to spent bullet shells scattered on the ground. Inspiration is the starting point of the story behind each jewelry piece created at The Moods of Eve. 

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About Our Leather
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In the studio, the story takes shape as we blend quality workmanship and materials with attention to the flow and comfort of each piece until is turned into a unique wearable piece of art.

Collaboration with our clients is an honor when we are asked to create a custom piece. Helping the client tell their story through a custom piece of jewelry is indeed a memorable pleasure!


Customer service and personal touches are how we say thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story. 

Each piece of jewelry is ready for gift-giving whether you are celebrating an event or pampering yourself! We genuinely want your experience at The Moods of Eve to be memorable.

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