Manic Metal Collection

Are there textile things in your life that you ‘just have to touch’? For me it’s velvet and metal. While learned early on that I’ll never be a seamstress, I noticed an undeniable attraction to anything metallic. Hence, the birth of the Manic Metal Collection.

This collection features an eclectic use of traditional metal work & chain maille techniques and while many of these pieces start as a piece of flat sheet metal, their beauty and character are hand-forged. Then, we add chain maille or wire work to make an edgy, one-of-a-kind creation that is rich in texture and food for the senses.

If you see a style you like, but would like it made in precious metals such as: sterling and fine silver, argentium or silver-filled as well as gold-filled metals, then simply contact us for a Custom Order quote for current precious metal rates.


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