About Us

We’re a down-to-earth company that knows a woman has many moods and these moods reflect all that she is. It often shows up stylistically in what she wears and jewelry from The Moods of Eve simply punctuates this expression.

For instance, if she’s in the mood for extravagance, a statement necklace from our Curvy Wire Collection features organic wire work lavished with Swarovski crystals, gemstones or pearls or if she’s looking for a stunning pair of earrings, our hand-dyed West German Lucite calle lily earrings are vibrant with color and vintage-styling.

When she’s ready to show her tougher side, she’ll do it with class, of course, by wearing a one-of-a-kind, edgy bracelet found in our Manic Metal Collection which features the mixing of traditional metal work & chain maille techniques.

As a Moods of Eve woman is confident in her skin and passionate about what’s near and dear to her heart. She seeks and celebrates the presence of God in her life. Our Eternal Truth Collection offers reminders of biblical truths in the form of wearable art. Some of the pieces even come with personal stories depicting my inspiration behind the piece.

Lastly our signature, Ballistic Bling Collection, celebrates the 2nd Amendment freedoms we enjoy here in Idaho. It features spent bullet casings that have been given new life as classy statement pieces which turns heads and gets people talking.

My name is Beth and I’m a self-taught artist. My inspiration is all around me. My inspiration is you. Each woman has a unique beauty signature, which is why I welcome custom orders. Collaborating with you to personalize a design is an honor and I stand behind my workmanship 110%.

So I invite you to experience the difference. I invite you to express yourself with artisan jewelry made by The Moods of Eve.


Beth Routhier Owner/Designer